Walking #Lisbon

Sit like a lady #cat

Miradouro São Pedro de Alcântara

Rainbow in the morning #aveiro (at Universidade de Aveiro)

Hello :)


Radiohead @ Optimus Alive 2012, Lisbon

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True Story!


Ford Keyfree Login - Great promotion and extension of its Keyfree technology.

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“All Eyes On You” by Britzpetermann.

I love interactive art installations.


We’ve all heard this term: GUI – Graphical User Interface. But with products like the Xbox Kinect we’re seeing user interfaces develop beyond graphics and into…kinetics. Trend forecasters see this as the next stage of human interaction with technology, it’s rapidly becoming more natural, and…

To Do List - Amazing video about the things we aspire to do in our every day lives =)

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Life is like photography

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